Is This The Motorola Droid 3?

Aloha! Today’s got to be the “rumour” day! I’ve just stumbled on a couple of images of what it seems to be the successor of the higly successful Droid series of Motorola – the Droid 3, folks! Wait, I’ve got some specs to share with you as well!

From what I’ve read, it looks like the D3, or Droid 3, will have a 1.3 GHz processor, but it’s said to come with Froyo (yeah, gimme a break!) and Bluetooth voice dialing. There’s a slideout Qwerty as you can see in the pic below, but do notice the dedicated keys for numbers. Neat. It looks like the screen’s a 4 incher from these pics. Do note that these a test builds (prototypes), so it may well change when the device sees the light of the day. Also note those two jacks in the pic below – could one of them be for HDMI out? Maybe.

via Howard Forums