Leaked: Motorola Atrix 3 – Quad Core Processor, 10 MP Camera, 2 GB RAM

Motorola Atrix 3

Bam! Motorola seems unfazed by the rather disappointing sales of its Atrix series devices, and according to this new leak, it has the Atrix 3 in its arsenal, and this time, it’s got some cool specs too.

The leak suggests that the Atrix 3 will come with a Quad-core processor (clock-speed not mentioned, or rather, leaked). And a whopping 2 GB RAM. Guess that should make it able enough to run at least Android 6 (we’re currently at Android 4). Sweet. Don’t think Motorola would update it that far, but well, speculating is fun. (If you fail to realise what point I’m trying to make: OEMs don’t update devices to the latest version of Android, even though the device is capable, often).

Then, there’s a 4.3″ HD display (1280×720 pixels), and a 10 MP camera is there, too. And like Droid Razr Maxx, the Atrix 3 may come with a 3,300 mAh battery too. The last bit is definitely relieving.

Could this be announced at the MWC? Also, I hope Moto doesn’t fudge around at plaster Blur UI on top of Android. Also, I hope it comes with ICS. Also.. .