Motorola Acquires Viewdle, A Gesture + Facial Recognition Company

The Google-owned Motorola, inspite of its financial woes, has acquired a facial recognition company, which goes by the name Viewdle. It’s an interesting acquisition, one that Moto (and probably Google?) could add to its arsenal.


Motorola has been working with the company for quite some time now, and it looks like they were so impressed, they just acquired the gesture and facial recognition company. Interestingly, Blackberry and Qualcomm also are some of the investors in Viewdle. There was no formal disclosure of the deal, however, so we don’t know exactly what terms were agreed upon.

The only facial recognition bit we have use of on Android phones, is Face Unlock. If there’s more that this acquisition could bring to us, I’d be really happy. Viewdle’s apps are nowhere to be seen on the Play store at the moment, but this video should give you a little idea about what they do.