Motorola Demos Its Skin For Android 4.0 ICS – Things Aren’t As Bad As Before

Motoblur for ICS

Motoblur, Motorola’s custom skin for its Android devices, is something I could rant on and on about, alongside Samsung’s TouchWiz. Both of them would just be shitting around with Android, making it look ugly and all. Although TouchWiz does add some nifty little features, I could get them with mods. However, I’ve rarely recommended anyone a Motorola Android device, and when I did, I asked them to flash a custom ROM to get rid of that skin and enjoy Android.

That could as well be a thing of past, as Motorola just demoed in a bunch of videos, its new skin for ICS. They didn’t mess around much, and that has helped. Not sure, still? These videos should help you.

Tip: You could as well turn off audio. It’s all in Japanese.