Motorola Droid Gets Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, Finds It Tasty As It Struggles To Keep Up

Motorola Droid ICS CM9

The title sums it up all. The original Motorola Droid has found a favor with an XDA member, and has lived to tell a story. Well, too dramatic, but that’s okay if a 25-months old Android gets ICS. It’s marvelous, in fact.

Announced back in November 2009, and starting the Android juggernaut, the Motorola Droid does struggle to keep up with an OS that’s reached v4.0.3 now. You’d remember it was launched with v2.0 of Android. And it’s a huge jump, not just in numbers, but specs-requirement wise, too.

The current build that’s been ported over is termed pre-alpha, and stuff like external speakers and camera aren’t working, just yet. But, if you happen to be adventurous, you may try the latest build out, and also help the devs by submitting bug reports and the likes. That’s how the Android fans roll!

View the original XDA forums thread here and the video below