Motorola Xoom coming on Feb 17


We all were left drooling over it, when Motorola announced Xoom, at CES this year. Ofcourse, the price could still play spoilsport, but so could the launch date. Yesterday, while surfing various sites, I noticed that it could be priced around 800 USD. Quite sensible. But what about the launch date? Here’s a leaked pic from Best Buy that says it will launched on Feb 17th, just when the Mobile World Congress would come to an end. Pretty smart.


If you missed it somehow, Xoom will be the world’s first tablet to come with Honeycomb, a version of Android specifically made for Tablets. It is powered by a Dual Core Tegra 2 processor, has a 5 MP snapper that can do HD recording, with Full HD playback, a 10.1” screen of 1280 x 800 resolution, 802.11n grade Wi-Fi and a good 32 gigs of onboard storage.


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