Nokia And Verizon Could Launch A Windows Phone 8 Running Lumia This Year

If Bloomberg is to be believed, Nokia and Verizon could come together to launch a Windows Phone 8 running Lumia smartphone, as soon as this year. It’s August, with Nokia and Microsoft’s September 5 event not too far away, but if they do manage to release the device this year, it’d be good.

Nokia Verizon Lumia WP8

On the other hand, Verizon will be holding an event with Motorola on the very same day, and Motorola claims it to be the “day’s main event”. I’m not sure if it’s pissed anyone at Nokia, but we also know that PureView will be coming to the Lumia line of devices. Heck, Nokia has hinted as well.

It’s all speculation really, and I tried not to post a lot about this, but I’ll bite the bullet now. Yes, we’re all excited about Windows Phone 8, and new Lumias, and some Lumia PureViews as well. Does throwing money at your monitors help you? Let me know, I’ve been trying this for some time now.