‘Open’ Android Market Receives Flak From Motorola’s CEO, Sanjay Jha

Oh see, someone just blamed the ‘Open’ Android Market for performance issues with some Motos. And it’s none other than the CEO of Motorola, Sanjay Jha.

According to him, the very open nature of the Android Market means that anyone in this world could upload any type of application to the market. He’s merely stating a fact here, and I more than just agree with him. Also, this was evident when there was a flurry of malwares and Google had to bring them down.

He said, “Of all the Motorola Android devices that are returned, 70 percent come back because applications affect performance”. He goes on to add, “For power consumption and CPU use, those apps are not tested. We’re beginning to understand the impact that has”

And to tackle this, they have planned to use Moto Blur, their custom UI. Being the first adopters of Android, Motorola’s concerns are valid. But it is surprising how no other manufacturer has never come forward and said this. And why would only Motorola’s devices be harmed? And could not the Blur UI be at fault here, because it does not seem to affect other OEMs’ devices?