Rumours Suggest Motorola X Is Going To Compete Against Samsung’s Galaxy Brand

There have been loads of rumours regarding the Motorola X phone in the blogosphere, but this is one I don’t think I can pass on. A new rumour is suggesting that Motorola and Google are going to unveil the “X” brand of phones at Google I/O this year.

Why? To counter Samsung’s ever growing Galaxy brand of Android phones. Apparently, Motorola X line of devices is the first such line on which Google’s impressing upon directly. Hence the I/O launch rumour. And it’s no secret that Google-Samsung relations are not what they used to be, with rumours doing the rounds that Samsung might fork Android for its own purposes. Then there’s Tizen. With Motorola X, Google will be trying to slow down the juggernaut that Samsung is.

Motorola X

Image credits: Android Authority

Adding more, the rumour mill also suggests that you’ll be allowed to customize the specifications of the device according to your needs and liking – the amount of RAM, internal storage etc. As if that’s not enough, they’ll also let you decide whether you want the bootloader unlocked. Ooh.

Motorola is rumoured to sell these through Google Play store as well as through the carriers, although I’m not exactly sure if carriers will like this. And since it’s going to be sold through the Play Store, it’s going to be subsidized to the Nexus phones’ level – starting from $299.

I think all this is too good to be true. However, you have my full attention, Google I/O. May 15th is when the conference starts.