Samsung: TouchWiz Is Preventing Us From Pushing The Android 4.0 ICS Update For The Galaxy S And Galaxy Tab 7

Samsung Galaxy S no ICS

If you own any Samsung made Android device right now, you should freak out. Or at least, be ready to do so. And probably, you may want to just get a Nexus brand Android in future, just because of things like these. You’d do good to remember HTC too has had this trouble in the past as well, when the time came for it to upgrade the Desire to Gingerbread. And to make matters worse, the Desire HD, Desire Z won’t be getting ICS update as well.

Apparently, the problem these manufacturers are facing with pushing the update is, their custom UIs or skins. Samsung has TouchWiz, HTC has Sense, Motorola has MotoBlur, to name a few. Also, these skins happen to be very heavily customized, thereby taking more space on the device. When a new update of Android arrives, it so happens that the new version requires more memory, and since the scarce memory manufacturers make available after skinning their devices, it becomes difficult to push the update.

While the manufacturers may skin their devices to differentiate themselves, I think they should forego this custom UI when an update to Android arrives. More so, when the said device is more than an year or so old. That, in the end, would make the end users happy.

Just look at Apple, which pushed iOS5 update to iPhone 3GS. The entire system, hardware needs, number of devices might be different, but it’s the end users for whose benefit Apple pushed the update, thereby gaining in the form of their trust and goodwill. And this is also why I appreciate Microsoft’s decision to prevent companies from skinning/customizing Windows Phone.

All Samsung did is shoot itself down, with this decision. So much for wanting to be the top dog of the smartphone industry, eh? Short-sightedness never made anyone successful.