The Woz Speaketh: Android Is No Match To Windows Phone When It Comes To Intuitiveness And Elegance

Steve Wozniak WP beautiful

When someone like Steve Wozniak speaks, the world takes note. And the co-founder of Apple had some words of appreciation for Windows Phone today. The Windows Phone fan in me chuckled.

According to an informal interview given to A New Domain, The Woz is known to queue up for the latest and greatest in the mobile world. Well, he at least queues for every new Apple device launch, and the last time he queued, it was for the Nokia Lumia 900. Intriguing.

Wozniak currently rocks a couple of (doesn’t make sense to me) Apple iPhone 4Ss, a Motorola Droid RAZR and the Nokia Lumia 900. According to him, Windows Phone is very intuitive and beautiful, and that Android is no match to Windows Phone, when it comes to these two things. Seldom does a geek appreciate the beauty of an OS, so it’s quite overwhelming when someone like him does.

You can listen to it below –