US And EU Approve Google’s Acquisition Of Motorola Mobility


Um, here’s a big news – Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility (the mobile division of Motorola, now separated from its parent company and the one which we keep referring to as ‘Motorola’ in the mobile world, generally) has been approved by US’ Department of Justice and the European Union. Only 3 countries’ approval is awaited, which are – China, Israel and Taiwan.

If the deal passes through (which it should, in all probability), Google will be able to assert Motorola’s rich patent portfolio against its competitors (read: Apple and Microsoft) and ward the existing threats off. But, there’s a rider: although both US DOJ and EU have approved the acquisition, they’ve done so on the condition that Google won’t put the patents to improper use. Both have also noted that Moto’s had an aggressive history of cashing in on its patents, so there.

The action doesn’t end here. In fact, it should only get more intense. We’re a bit worried, though, as consumers. These lawsuits and counter-lawsuits and the resulting rulings in favor of a certain party will do nothing to benefit the end consumer. They’ll just drive the prices up, in all possibility.

Reuters | Google