Verizon To Push Out Gingerbread for Motorola Droid X, Full Changelog Here

Quick heads up guys, it seems that Motorola will be pushing out the Gingerbread update for the Motorola Droid X finally. There are a whole bundle of updates, all of which are included in the changelog below.

Changelog –

  • Download Manager App
  • A new “Running” tab displays a list of active applications and the storage and memory being used by each.
  • Multi touch key chording – enter numbers and symbols with keyboard shortcut combos.
  • Improved Word Selection and Copy Functionality – select a word via press-hold. A second press of the selected word copies the selected characters.
  • New UI, Icons, widgets and color schemes.
  • Dock Icons – Phone, App Launcher and Contacts icons are replaced within a customizable  dock. Three swappable icons and the App Launcher icon are fixed to the Dock at the bottom of all home screen panels for easy and instant access.
  • App Groups – now create custom app groups.
  • Smart Contacts.
  • Updated Calendar Options.
  • Geo-Tagging for Camera applications.
  • Improvements in the Calendar and Email apps.
  • Edit Contacts without being directed to the home screen.
  • Improvements in the Camera in Auto Focus mode in Low-light conditions.
  • Improved battery life while using Bluetooth.

That’s a lot of updates, really. We’re not complaining at all. Nope

via Verizon