Accessories Galore For The N9, Take Advantage Of NFC

Okay, that was quite a thing, Nokia. The hype around the launch was legendary. The launch was even better. Or the device itself, at least. The N9 comes loaded with connectivity options. NFC (Near Field Communication) is one among them. And to take advantage of this, the Finnish giant has launched several new, and really cool, accessories as well.

For starters, you get an all new charger, AC-16, in the box (with the N9). It’s basically a USB Socket that does well to keep the size of the whole thing to that of a plug. Plug it in, connect the N9 with the USB Data Cable provided and you’re good to go.

Nokia AC-16

Nokia AC-16

Then, there is a Stereo Bluetooth Headset, BH-111. Nope, no NFC in here. But it comes in a lot more colors. In essence, it is an updated version of BH-214. It will be available in 5 different colors and will cost somewhere around €39.

Here’s a gallery of all the available colors –

[nggallery id=31]

And here’s the official video –

Next up, the Play 360°. It’s a portable mini-speaker. And yes, it is NFC enabled. You can connect to these with a standard 3.5 mm audio connector or with an NFC enabled device (by tapping on the Play 360°) for OTA Bluetooth pairing (just like you connect your wireless Bluetooth stereo headsets). Call it connecting to a stereo device with the twist of NFC. Interesting innit?

Nokia Play 360°

Nokia Play 360°

Also, as the name suggests, the Play 360° offers ‘Omnidirectional sound’, transmitting sound evenly at all sides. Cost is estimated to be €149.

Wait, there is a video too!

The last accessory, or gear, as Nokia says, is the Wireless Music Receiver MD-310. Yes, it is NFC enabled and all you have to do is tap on the MD-310. It gets paired with the device. Using this connection, you can play music from your phone on to your Home theatre system or audio system. It is expected to cost €59.

Nokia MD-310

Nokia MD-310

And here are the last video, showing off the MD-310 –


All the above accessories, barring the AC-16 (comes with the box) are expected to ship Q3 this year.

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