Bharti Airtel Is The First To Launch 4G LTE In India – Pricing And More Details

airtel 4G

In a country where 3G has failed to catch the fancy of the consumers, Airtel has launched its 4G LTE service. By doing so, it has become the first company to launch 4G LTE in India.

The service was launched in Kolkata, and will be expanded to other areas in the coming months. I don’t have an answer as to why Airtel chose only Kolkata, and not other, more modern cities, though.

Oh, before you jump in joy – there are no 4G LTE capable devices in India, yet. So if you were wondering if you’d rather upgrade to 4G, you have to get a 4G LTE capable device first, and then wait for Airtel to start supporting them. Currently, you will only be able to use the service via USB modems and wireless routers.

There are three plans, which are depicted in the table below

airtel 4g lte data plans

Look at that? Post that Fair Usage Policy limit, you’ll get a whopping 128 Kbps speed. Yep, 128 Kbps on 4G LTE. Amazing eh! (/sarcasm)

The prices are high, and the free data/FUP is too low, in my opinion. Meanwhile, Airtel is also charging around 700 INR for 2 GB of 3G data. While 4G LTE that has been launched today won’t be available for mobiles, I think it’d be good for both the subscribers and Airtel if the 3G packages become a bit more affordable.

via Airtel