Costco And Carphone Warehouse Taking Pre-orders For HP TouchPad

The much awaited HP TouchPad is now up for pre-order at Costco and Carphone Warehouse. Pricing is as expected, and they’re taking orders only for the Wi-Fi version at the moment.

TouchPad Costco

For the US peeps who want to pre-order this tablet, Costco is taking pre-orders only for the 32 GB version at the moment, and that is only the Wi-Fi version. They’re asking $600 for the same. Although, there is a “free case” to sweeten the deal, just in case you think it’s a tad bit costly 😉

For the UK peeps, Carphone Warehouse has set up a pre-order page here, if you cannot wait for the official launch on July 1. Impatience is the new virtue, we guess. The 16 GB version will cost about £399 and the 32 GB about £479.


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