[Download] Wazzap Is A Port Of WhatsApp, For Your Nokia N9

wazzap for nokia n9

Users of Nokia N9 have been missing one app that has become essential these days – WhatsApp. They have even resorted to posting requests and petitions to the makers of WhatsApp, but understandably, all in vain.

Fret not though, as some developers have been working for quite some time now, trying to port over the app to the Maemo/MeeGo platform. And they’ve released a public Beta today.

wazzap for nokia n9

However, there are some features which don’t work just yet. Here’s the list –

  • No media support
  • Groups are supported partially. If you already are a part of a group, you’ll be able to carry that conversation over on your N9, but you won’t be able to create/join a new group. Oh, members of the group aren’t recognisable just yet.
  • No emoji support
  • No ability to block/unblock users

That’s quite okay. The devs are working all on their own, seeing that this is the first public Beta, it’s acceptable. Things should improve in the next few versions, though.

Want to download? You can do so over at Wazzap.im. If you like the app, consider donating them. That should encourage them, you know.

Rounak Jain

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