Exclusive: First Sighting Of Nokia N9 On Prepaid In South Africa, From 8TA At R6398 ($830)

Nokia N9 Black

Okay. This is probably second time we, at Androsym, have used that word. I for one, was itching to use it! Well, here it is.

Nokia N9 will be coming to South Africe on Prepaid, courtesy 8TA. The device will be off contract (duh, prepaid), and the price is supposedly around 6,398 Rands. That’s about $828 (at current exchange rates).

Nokia N9 South Africa 8TA

8TA is a South African mobile telecommunications company, floated by Telkom. Earlier, we’d seen a Vodacom advert, and it was later launched officially, with reports of the device being available by November.

The price may seem a tad too high, especially for a DOA smartphone. It’s beautiful on the outside and the OS powered it is cool, make no mistake, but since being abandoned (nearly, well) by Nokia, and after the launch of the Lumia range of devices, N9 just doesn’t seem to be that attractive. Had to happen, I guess.


Thanks for the tip, @gosharpshooter