Facebook Messenger Lite for Android Now Available For Download In India

Facebook Messenger Lite is now available for download in India. The lite version of the original Facebook Messenger app comes with minimal features, allowing it to run better on low-end smartphones with slow data speeds. Facebook had launched Messenger Lite in October last year, in addition to Facebook Lite. Later in April this year, the social media giant made it available in 132 countries around the world.

Facebook Messenger Lite

The Messenger Lite app does not come with the chat heads functionality or the other multitude of features that are present in the original Facebook Messenger app. You can still chat with your Facebook friends as usual, though. Designed for low-end smartphones with slow data speed, the Messenger Lite app focuses solely on chats. It is similar to the Facebook Lite app which also focuses on efficiency and low data consumption.

While the the full Messenger app has a download size of 52MB, Messenger Lite comes in at just 5MB. After install, the original Messenger app takes up nearly 100MB or even more space. In contrast, the Messenger Lite app takes up around 10MB after installation and setup.

Facebook Lite
Price: Free