Google Now Offering Recent Searches On Its Homepage On Mobile, Given You’ve Enabled Web Search History

Google Mobile recent searches

If you were living under a rock for the past few weeks, here’s a little background for you –

Google had updated its privacy policy a few weeks back, combining all privacy policies and hammering them down to 1 policy. 1 policy to rule them all. Simple as that. But.. but, if you had Google web search history enabled, Google would be using it across its services, and you wouldn’t have any which way to delete it, once its done. Moving forward, you could pause the search history. This policy came in effect on March 1.

Now that we’re clear about it, let’s move on. Google has added a new feature to its mobile homepage – it will now show your recent searches from your computer, making it easier for you to access stuff, and also make the entire experience much more comfortable.

Only if you hadn’t paused the web search, though. You need to have it enabled, so there. I’m never going to do that. Not in my right mind.