Gravity Gets Pushed, Real Time!

Just a quick heads up guys, Gravity, the ultimate Twitter client for Symbian has received an update to build number 6698. It’s still in beta, meaning there may be issues, but like previous Gravity betas, even this is as stable as you’d like. And oh, Push-Notifications have been added and new ‘Mentions’ and ‘DMs’ will be pushed real time.


This even means that you should now turn off Auto Update of Mentions and DMs, thus saving your battery. In addition to this, Jan Ole, the awesome dev of Gravity, has also thrown in ‘Pop-Up’ Notifier, so whenever there is a new DM and/or Mention, a Pop-Up shows up, no matter where you are, what app you are using. Very nice indeed.


To Set up ‘Push Notifications’, select the Account, then Options>Account Settings>Push User Streams>Enable. Also, you can select if you want to enable it over Wi-Fi only, but trust me, you won’t need to do that. Notifications are pushed real fast, faster than apps like Echofon, which have had it for long (Rita El Khoury has said that, being a Mac user herself!)

However, the Pop-Up Notifier works only for S60v5 and S^3. Sigh. But hey, it’s nice isn’t it!

Well, you are invited to test it. Download the app at Stay Hooked!

Image courtesy Nitish Kumar.

Posted by Wordmobi