Gravity Updated, Brings In Auto Complete Finally

Symbian’s best app, Gravity, the ubiquitous Twitter client, has just received an update that brings Auto Complete, finally. Note that the app is still in Beta, and new features are being added and bugs being fixed, but still, it is highly stable. So stable that you’ll even forget it’s in Beta!


  • Auto-completion of Friends/Hashtags (you’ll need to use Gravity’s keyboard)
  • Auto caps in the Gravity keyboard
  • Twitter trends fixed
  • Also, you can DM a friend/follower from the Editor itself. Just type “d @username your message” where ‘username’ is the nick of the person you’re sending the message to. Neat.

Currently, auto-complete is enabled only for S60v5 and Symbian^3, but it is coming soon to S60v3 as well, so don’t lose heart!

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It’s getting cooler every passing day, isn’t it! Download the installer file here