Here’s something you can sell

We all know the importance of the product. It is what we sell, what we focus our persuasion skills on. We should believe in that product in order to make the potential customer believe. It has to have all of the elements of answering the client’s chief question: “What can it do for me?” It must have features that relate to benefits, testimonials from customers, premiums, and so forth – you know the drill.

The perfect product

The online casino is an example of that type of product. It has all of the elements of something we like to sell. Look at the fundamental rules of selling. First of all, we know that people don’t like to feel like they’re being sold something. Online casinos individually are highly competitive in this way. Just Google “online casinos” and you’ll see. But on the whole, online casinos practically sell themselves. You’ve heard the phrase, “build it, and they will come” from the movie “Field of Dreams.” Now think of a couple of casinos built smack dab in the middle of a desert. That’s how Las Vegas became a boom town. Much the same is true for other gambling Meccas, such as Atlantic City and Monte Carlo. The owners of casinos knew they had a product that, given just a little promotion, would sell itself. On that type of reputation, online casinos became popular when people found out they could bring the action into their homes via internet. Nowadays with the surge in sales of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, online casinos are played almost everywhere – in waiting rooms, airport terminals, anywhere people have a little time to engage in something more fun than just waiting.

We also know that people buy things out of emotion. Online casinos offer excitement, fun, mystery, even a little greed as driving emotional forces that bring people to tables. The sheer anticipation of what the next number or card will be, is an emotional perk into itself. Then we know that once sold, people like to justify their purchase with logic. All good players know that if they play the games right, they can bring $100 into a casino and come out with $95, maybe more if Lady Luck is with them. They have had hours of fun for about five bucks. Online casinos also justify the purchase by offering premiums. For instance, go to and the first thing you see is a big 5555€ offered as a bonus. Players can get bonuses for signing up, depositing and recruiting friends to play. Cosmik Casino also has a lucrative promotions package for new and loyal customers.

Features = benefits

There are plenty of other features at destinations such as Cosmik Casino. And they relate to benefits. The well-developed technology and design mean security and ease of use. The variety of games means something for just about anyone. Cosmik Casino likes to concentrate on the classic casino games, because they are such fun. And table games offer an element of strategy as well as luck. But Cosmik games can cover a wide variety. Just take a look at Cosmik Casino slots games and you’ll find some fun and interesting takes on the traditional slots games. And players don’t have to put up money right away. Cosmik games can be downloaded and played for free, just so people get a feel for the game and practice strategy and money management for when they decide to play for real money.

When you look at the fundamentals, look at the feature, and look at the figures, operations such as Cosmik Casino are the type of product we all wish we could sell.