How technology has impacted on the casino industry


Nevada-based casinos were locked into a furious battle recently as they took on online gambling companies in an effort to ban their practices.

Casino owners have called for the Restoration of America’s Wire Act to make internet gambling illegal. At present, online gambling is legal in just three states across America – New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada.

While many operators are pushing for more lenience towards online gambling in America, the adverse effect it is having on land-based alternatives is causing friction. With the rise of technology however, land-based casinos would be wise to embrace the changes.

The online casino industry has grown exponentially in the US since it was first introduced approximately 10 years ago. While in 2003, the industry was worth $7 million, today it is worth $39.5 million, with economists predicting that this is a figure that’s set to rise to £41.4 million by next year.

But what is it that’s making online casinos so profitable, and subsequently putting fear into the hearts of land-based casino owners? Advances in technology in the 21st century have put websites like Uptown Aces in prime position for making huge profits. Mobile gaming has taken off thanks to today’s wireless internet and the rise of smartphones and tablets.

With new models being released all the time such as the iPhone 6, due for release this September, today’s devices are becoming more and more synonymous with gaming than communication. In 2012, a study conducted by Venturebeat showed that 44 per cent of smartphone owners admitted to playing games on their smartphones. This is a figure that’s only set to rise as improved CPUs, better graphics and faster internet access aid gadget owners.

From a practicality point of view, many bettors are choosing online casinos thanks to ease of access. Online casinos are available at the touch of a button, and in today’s uncertain economic times, are far

preferable to taking to time to plan a trip to a popular gambling resort such as Las Vegas.

Moreover, while many land-based casinos can only offer a limited choice of games, today’s online games are far more flexible and offer a whole different dimension of game play. For example, many online slots now incorporate ‘gamification’, adding a new competitive element. Marvel Comics have particularly capitalised on this, giving players not only the chance to match up symbols, but also to battle their favourite super heroes.

While land-based casinos might be feeling bitter about the changes, as we embrace the digital age, it’s time we started to embrace online casinos too, as their potential could be astronomical over the coming years.