Internet: its start up

What is internet and how did it start up? Probably we all know very well how to work or have fun with internet but we still ignore why someone decided to create it.

Among the different theories, there are those who think that internet was suggested somehow to the American researchers by the aliens who are in the Base 51 in Arizona. But there are also those who believe that internet was the logical consequence of a world in its change of times.

Well, internet started with the development of the first computers in the early 1950’s. it mainly had the role to convey written message between two or more computers in different places of the Earth.

It was for a military and strategic purposes. Why internet if there was the telegraphy system? Well, the difference is that with the telegraph one could communicate just words, with internet one can communicate data. But to be able to transmit data from a place to another one, it was necessary to have a device which could do this: so, the first computers had to be brought to better results.

Today we can use internet very easily, we just need to buy a modem and that’s all! But think about places of the world where there is no way to get a modem and communicate via internet: places like some Countries in Africa or Asia where there is no electricity and telephone line.

For the rest of the world, using internet every day is as easy as turning on the TV. We can share pictures and write texts, we can get info and daily news, we can learn languages and we can upload videos or movies. Videos and pictures are probably the fastest way to reach people: the images capture people’s attention and curiosity and so they can convey and communicate in an easier way.

Just a few seconds are needed to catch the meaning of an image: this meaning can be also very important and hard to describe, but the images can talk to us in a fastest way and with no words. So videos and pictures are internationals in a way, because you don’t need to say words to understand.

If you see a picture where a locksmith expert is changing a key, you will surely understand that it’s from even without to read it anywhere. Keys at home are keys to success in life, too!