iPad Air 2 – An Overview


When you already have a great product like the iPad Air in your portfolio, how do you improve upon it and make it more desirable? It is not an easy task and Apple seems to have done a decent job of bringing incremental improvements in new edition of its iPad – the iPad Air 2.


iPad Air 2 is the slimmest iPad ever. With thickness of 6.1mm, Air 2 is 18 percent slimmer than the previous edition. Its not just slimmer, but also lighter by 7 percent. The slim and light design with thin edges means that you can hold the Air 2 in just a single hand, which was not really possible in older day tablets. The design is more refined as well and feels much more premium. The edges of the Air 2 feel different while holding due to a slightly angular design.



The new A8X chip under the hood of the Air 2 gives it plenty of horsepower to make this an exciting tablet to work with. Is A8X chip a significant upgrade over the previous generation A7 chip? Not really. No doubt it is faster but the perceivable difference is not too significant as compared to the previous chip. However, if you compare the Air 2 performance with the 3rd generation iPad, the improvement is quite significant. The performance is buttery smooth, especially when it comes to some of the latest generation demanding games, which some of the older iPads struggle to run. The 2GB of RAM in iPad Air 2 also contributes in smoothening the user experience.


Touch ID

One of the main highlights of the Air 2 is the fingerprint sensor and improves the security of your device quite significantly. Using the password extension, you just need to put your finger on the sensor and all your login details are automatically filled. Not everyone may find this feature very useful, it still is another class leading feature from Apple. 


Display and Battery Life

The display of the Air 2 looks stunning. The colours pop out and images look stunning. Apple has done a great job in reducing the reflection off the screen, making it much more legible in sunlight.

The battery life of Air 2 is about 10 hours, which is a minor improvement over the previous generation. The improvement is thanks to the new A8X chip, which is much more energy efficient. 


Bottom Line

iPad Air 2 is not a path breaking upgrade over the first generation Air, which was an already incredible product. However, iPad Air 2 improves every aspect and takes the user experience to a new level. If you were already on Air, you may find it less tempting to upgrade. However, older iPad users will not regret this upgrade at all. Apple continues to dominate the tablet market and Air 2 takes the experience to a much greater level.

Where to Buy One

When it comes to actually buying a new iPad Air 2, you’ll notice immediately how expensive they are, especially if you go for a 4G one. However, there are numerous online stores that offer the iPad Air on finance, such as Argos and Littlewoods. Check out techcred.co.uk for the latest tech on credit deals.