Meg Whitman: “Decision on webOS In The Next Few Months”

HP webOS

Finally, I’ve got some news to write about, in the webOS arena.

Remember Apotheker, then CEO of HP, was considering selling/licensing webOS to third parties that may have been interested in using this beautiful OS? Now it turns out that the new CEO, Meg Whitman, hasn’t decided on the future of webOS. The status quo remains, which is getting irritating, to be honest.

Although Whitman tries to recoup after the ‘almost-suicidal’, turning back on Apotheker’s plans to spin off the PC division (PSG – personal systems group), she continues to remain undecided about webOS’s future. Every passing week, and the future of this OS becomes that much more darker. Surely a nice way to piss off the devs and the users, heh?

via HP