Meg Whitman: Yes, We Will Make More webOS Powered Tablets, But Not Smartphones


The guys at The Verge had an interview with Meg Whitman, the CEO of HP, about their future strategies, about webOS and more. Note that HP had decided to Open Source webOS, late yesterday..

Whitman assured that the company will be using webOS in new hardware. Just what she meant by ‘Hardware’, is not known exactly. It could be printers, though, as has been said in the past. Then when asked specifically if they will be producing webOS powered tablets, Whitman replied with a positive answer. Amazing! But then, I guess HP wants to turn the webOS division into something like Mozilla. And today, we all know what sh*t Mozilla’s Open Source project, Firefox, has become.

It need not suck as much as Mozilla did/does, but well, unless webOS gets some serious backing, ideally from an industry giant, I’d still be skeptical about it. But at least, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, now.