Mugen Battery: Let’s Juice it up!

mugen batteries

Since, you are reading this you must be a smart user. So, what do you look for when you go and buy a smartphone. I won’t go deep into technical aspects but there would be certain things which would be common needs of all the smart phone users. Primarily you all want to make calls from your phone, then playing music, watching videos, browsing internet, playing games, taking photographs, making videos and many more. Bet me, there would be more than one instance for almost everyone of us, when we have failed to perform the desired action due to LOW or NO Battery.

Today, all the phone manufacturing companies are increasing almost everything in a smartphone, be it no. of processors, clock speed, screen size, RAM, Memory. Only thing which is taking a down slope is the thickness and weight, which has always restrained the producers from increasing the capacity of the batteries. Though, they have worked exclusively on the software part to juice out more backup from the standard Li-ion batteries.

In my views, the thinness of your phone is of no use, if you have to place it in your bag or closet because of no/low battery.  After going through so many options available, I have observed that Mugen Batteries are doing a pretty good job in making extended batteries. Few of the facts which have attracted my attention toward them are :-

  • Free Shipping:- They ship the batteries without any shipping charges in throughout the world.
  • Many Options:- They come up with different capacity batteries for a same device, which eventually comes with different thickness/weight. So you can always choose the suitable one for you depending upon your usage, appearance etc.
  • Discounts:- They provide discounts through various advertising schemes like liking on facebook, following on twitter. They also sometimes provide special discount to reviewers and bloggers.
  • On Stop Shop:- They don’t just sell the extended batteries, they also sell the back covers, charging docks etc., which are necessary with extended batteries.
  • Early Availability:- These people are pretty fast and come up with batteries of recent phones pretty soon. They too conducts polls for providing batteries of certain capacities for certain phones.
  • Calibration Tool/Guide:- They provide you a proper calibration guide and a software for almost all platforms for proper calibration of the battery which is essential for better performance.

So, guys if you want to end your woes of battery life, click here and explore the world of Mugen.

You must go through this guide before using these batteries.

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