Nokia N9 Headed To The Stores, Comes With A Hefty Price Tag

Nokia N9 Magenta

In some rather good news today, Nokia has announced that it has started pushing out its could-have-been-a-killer-flagship, the N9, to the stores.

This was announced on the Nokia Conversations blog. Now that it has been announced, it should come to a store near you (if your country is getting it, in the first place), or to you, if you had placed an order.

“There is a lot of buzz around the N9 and the consumer demand has been huge,” says Product Specialist Risto Lahi from Nokia’s Flaghsip Store in Helsinki. “People love the new, button-free user interface and the intuitive way to browse the Internet. When they try out the device, they are first amazed and then impressed.”

The N9 is available in Black, Magenta and Cyan colors (Black’s my favorite, thus far), in 16 GB and 64 GB variants.

The 16 GB variant is estimated to cost around EUR 480 and the 64 GB around EUR 560. These prices are before taxes, so yeah, be ready for some heavy spending if you plan to get one.

The N9 is a MeeGo Harmattan powered device. More about the device here

Also, is awesome, if you want to experience the N9 for yourself!

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