Nokia N9 Receiving PR1.3 Update, PR1.4 Still Possible

Nokia N9 PR1.3 update

Fire up the updaters, Nokia N9 owners! There’s a software update for you, from Nokia. Probably prepared by the few people at Nokia in the MeeGo department. And there are rumors about a PR1.4 update as well, but it seems like a distant dream now. And if you get the update, you should call yourself very lucky.

The new version stands at 40.2012.21-3.001.19, and is a total 204.8 MB, so it’s better you find a Wi-Fi access point before updating. Seeing the size of the update, it’s more than the usual bug fixes (there are about 900 bug fixes, apparently) and stuff (I’ll try to update this post with a change-log, soon).