Nokia starts rolling out update 12070 for Lumia 800, fixes battery issues and adds new camera features

courtesy WPCentral

Nokia has started rolling out a new update for Lumia 800. The update 12070 brings about battery improvements ( it triples the battery life according to the source link) and adds some new camera features. There were a lot of reports from users about Lumia 800 not utilizing the full battery capacity. The previous update left users dumbstruck as it reduced the maximum screen brightness levels to half. This was a temporary measure to save some battery. Both these issues seem to have been addressed in this update.

Here is a very basic changelog

  • Improved battery life
  • Improvements in screen brightness and control
  • Smart group shot“, “Panorama“, “Action“, and “Self Timer” modes added to camera interface

The update is already out for users in Singapore and should reach other parts of the globe very soon.