O2: Veer Won’t Come Before June, But Go Ahead And Pre-Order One Now

Alright. O2’s Twitter handle, @o2inside, has just revealed that the webOS running HP Veer won’t be available before June. That’s a bummer, but you can reserve your Veer right now. This different from their earlier stance that Veer would be available by May, and also from that May 2nd event.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/o2inside/status/59964729304678400″]

Also noteworthy is that this is for the O2 users from Germany. Could the Veer launch in the US before it launches in Germany going by the May 2nd Launch party? It may just happen. Although we’re not quite sure if this rescheduling is good for the success of the Veer.

via Twitter and O2 Germany.