Ovi Store Client Gets Updated, Now Faster And Better

Image courtesy - ZOMGitsCJ

As you may know, opening the Ovi Store yesterday may have asked you to update it. The update is for all Symbian devices – S60v3, S60v5, and Symbian^3. Status about S40 is not known to me yet.

But yeah, you may have experienced that it is now faster, and all. Rest of the improvements are under the hood’ stuff, which are –

Search improvements
We’ve fiddled some dials and levered some levers in the background to help improve searching by title – basically, we’ve set the top slot to directly reflect an app when you search by title. 9This means that title is prioritized over other elements, such as descriptions).

Use Email as your username
We’ve heard from some folks that logging in with email address makes things easier. We’re happy to announce that starting today, you can! Your password remains the same, but you have your choice as to how you would like to login.

Faster browsing
We’ve made device selection becomes optional, and you can now browse the full selection of content before filtering based on your choice of device. It’s a great way to check out the great apps and games available for another device before you upgrade!

For the publishers –

We’re are testing two important areas in a live environment: in-app purchase and even stronger DRM. Based on the feedback of those specially selected Publishers, we will roll out these features to a broader group. If you are interested in participating in either beta, please get in tough with your Ovi team contact.

via Ovi Blog