Promo Codes, In-App Purchases Coming To webOS This Summer

Things maybe finally looking up for webOS what with some cool new features scheduled to be thrown in. These are those few things that have been anticipated for quite some time now. It’s quite good that HP is finally listening to the devs, but these updates will only come this summer.

This is exciting news for the developers – they can offer in-app purchases, expansion packs, new levels, and goodies (ala Angry Birds). That translates into more revenue generating oppurtunities for the devs, in turn more devs lining up and hence a better webOS App Catalog.

That is not it, discount coupons and promo codes (arleady there in a way) also are scheduled to arrive, giving developers a chance to increase their sales by discounting to an extent or giving away some copies.

Now here’s hoping HP acts fast. This is not a PC market, HP. Things here change even before you realise.

via webOS Roundup