How Your Smartphone Can Help All Business Owners

The smartphone has changed the world. For both personal and business use, the smartphone has enabled us to remain connected in ways that were unfathomable even a decade ago. Now, it’s possible to chat to anyone in the world using just the device in your pocket, and whether it’s answering emails, sending texts over WhatsApp, or even Snapchatting your friends, communication has never been easier. This is true for businesses as well, and with the range of options available for smartphone users, it is now perfectly feasible to run an entire business from the device in your hand. From online banking apps to responding to emails, your phone might be the key to running your business while staying on the move.

Finding the best business apps

Business Apps

You can obviously customize your phone in a wide variety of ways through the use of apps. Choosing the right apps for your business makes your phone much more powerful and much more versatile. If you’re running a business and are looking closely at the idea of e-commerce, then you’re probably wondering just which apps are best suited for your company. That will largely depend on your role within the company and what your industry is, but you can be sure that there are dedicated apps for everyone in the digital age. From note-taking apps to ensure that you remember your ideas, to accounting apps that guarantee your finances are controlled more practically, do your app research and check the reviews of each.

Streamline your marketing

Not only can the right apps on your phone help you to manage your basic business functions, they can also give your marketing a boost as well. If you’re already one of the 55% of people who open their email on their phone rather than their computer, then you already recognize the benefits of targeting your marketing to those on the go. Use your mobile browser to check that the emails you have listed for your marketing newsletter are still active, by running them through an email verifier like, and you’ll guarantee that your email campaign is actually reaching the inboxes that you want. A wasted campaign is just as useless as a campaign that doesn’t exist, and your phone can be a valuable asset to getting the most from your marketing.

Become a mobile expert

Phones are designed for communication, and when it comes to running a business communication is essential. Whether it’s with employees, customers, or suppliers, the ebb and flow of communication is the key to your reputation and success. Luckily, your phone is literally designed for this, and through instant messaging services and the ability to communicate through social media or shared documents services is in the palm of your hand. Rather than act as a distraction, your phone can actually improve your productivity and make it far easier to communicate effectively no matter where you are. From Skype to emails to replying to comments on your social media pages, your phone is a resource that may make your office completely redundant.