Socially Gets Updated, Bug Fixes And Improvements In The Mix


Ah, looks like there’s a new version of Socially for Symbian already. A few weeks back, v3.04 was released, fixing several issues and adding some new features. The latest version, v3.05, builds upon the v3.04 and the changelog is –

Improved UI for viewing photos and ability to comment and like photos.

New tweets automatically shown in Timeline, Mentions, Profile, Trends and Search results without having to refresh the screen.

Ability to optionally post your Shouts and Check-ins to Facebook and Twitter.

Desktop Alerts:
Up to 25 alerts every 5 minutes Ability to turn-off the sound for alerts

Bug fixes:
Fixed intermittent issues related to Twitter Search and Trends for non-English languages

Not much of a big update, but an update nevertheless, this version can be downloaded from here directly.