Technology: Future Technology

Gone are the days when future technology was confined to fiction novels and blockbuster movies. Steadily the extreme imaginations of an earlier generation have become today’s reality. From aviation to video calling, human minds have found ways to bring various fantasies to life.

If this trend is to remain unchanged it means that what we are seeing in futuristic movies today could be a reality in the next couple of decades. Less than twenty years ago Pierce Brosnan, acting as James Bond used a vehicle that was capable to being driven remotely. There are now several prototypes of unmanned public road ready cars.

Future Tech

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One place that we should all expect to see future tech in action is at the 2020 Olympics to be held in Japan. The Japanese government and the Olympic partners have promised that “…these will be most futuristic games yet. So expect robot ushers, unmanned cabs and on person translation devices at the games.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are already in use in several fields. They are used in military operations, surveillance and even rescue operations. Virtual reality is now a reality. After years of being a figment of over active imaginations of novelists and screen writers.

Although movies and novels are a great source of hints on what the future holds in terms of technology some technological innovations just sneak up us. These are the kinds of technology that ride on the back of other technological advancements. Such technologies include mobile online casino games. It only became feasible to play real money casino games on mobile devices after the development of internet ready mobile devices. Take your online casino australia game experience to the next level.

A safe conclusion to this matter is that the future is filled interesting pieces of technology that will inevitably alter our lives forever. Only our imaginations will restrict us in coming up with ways to make this planet more habitable.