The 3 Worst Things a Virus Can Do to Your Computer

Computer viruses can be incredibly varied. They range from relatively harmless, such as the Caric-A Worm, which fills the victim’s screen with a cartoon of Bill Clinton playing a saxophone and a bra coming out, but they can also be very nasty indeed. What follows is a list of 3 of the worst things a virus can do to your computer. Hopefully after reading this you’ll be inspired to update that security software that you haven’t looked at in a few months. When it comes to fighting malware, every update counts.

Gets You in Trouble With the Internet

This may seem tough to believe, but many viruses can cause a lot of permanent damage on your behalf. If you have been infected by malware, all of your computer activities, data — and even the system — can be compromised. So, if you’re working on a Microsoft program like Word or PowerPoint, a virus could be using other programs on your computer without you being aware of it. Depending on what they do with your computer, your IP address could become associated with certain cybercrimes which could cause your IP to be blocked, or it might even instigate a visit from the police if you’re gravely unlucky. You might also discover high data consumption charges as some malware such as adware brings up annoying adverts and uploads as much information about you as possible to be packaged and sold.

Straight-up Breaks Everything

Some pretty bad hardware issues can result from malware. This isn’t always a deliberate occurrence as it often happens due to poorly written code that puts a lot of extra pressure on computer components. This can lead to physical damage to your processors or the dreaded hard drive. Some malware programs can access the hard drive and make it spin incredibly quickly, which can cause it to have physical damage that almost always requires hard drive recovery. The damage that these malware can do depends on their exact function. Some could even break your monitor if you get infected with anything like the old-school HPS virus, which worked on uncompressed bitmaps to flip them over horizontally, producing mirror images of screens.

Massively Erodes Your Privacy

If you value your privacy, you can become impacted by some malware. Your photos and files can be accessed and sold on to other people who can use your personal information for anything. Some have even sold pictures to advertisers who unknowingly use stolen photos in their adverts. If you don’t already have something stuck over your laptop’s camera, you might want to think about it as hackers can exploit some pretty basic vulnerabilities to turn it on and watch you. The idea of being watched by countless numbers of people is a pretty horrible feeling and the ball might not drop for a few months until a friend asks you why the camera’s light is constantly on. It’s always wise to practice your digital literacy if you’re feeling particularly vulnerable and you should always remember to update your antivirus software.