The First Twitter App For Honeycomb Arrives – Tweetcomb

It’s been a long time coming, but now, there’s a dedicated Twitter app for Honeycomb users, finally. It’s from the very same developer who brought the Newsr app to Honeycomb. It tries to take advantage of ‘fragments design’ aspect of Honeycomb. By the looks of it, it seems quite good. Infact, very good for an Initial Release.

You get to see three columns – Timeline, Mentions, Direct Messages. Tap on a tweet to Reply, RT, or DM the user. In the bottom, you can see what’s trending currently. Nice idea. It reminds me of Windows Phone’s Metro UI, though. You can also refresh all the columns at one go, or choose to do so individually.

Here’s the rider, though – you can use only one Twitter account at one time. No support for multiple accounts, something that’s a must for many users (me included). And then, you cannot act upon the trending topics, i.e., you can’t tap on the topic to see the tweets in a separate column or the like.

Here’s the official Feature list:

— Interact with Twitter in a tablet-friendly way with the only Twitter experience designed for Honeycomb.

— Read your timeline, mentions, and direct messages with three distinct fragments. Each fragment interacts with Twitter for updates independent of the others.

— When new tweets arrive, TweetComb will alert you with an audio clip.

— TweetComb gives you an easy way to use and switch between multiple Twitter accounts.

— From an individual tweet, you can reply, retweet, share, favorite, and send a direct message.

— Quickly send status updates with full support for cut/copy/paste.

— Support for sending and replying to direct messages inside the app.

— TweetComb can be shared to from other apps such as the browser, Newsr, and others

The app costs $2.99 (or 132.10 INR) in the Android Market, another thing against the app that is still v1.0. But it is the first Twitter app for Honeycomb, so yeah.

You can get in touch with the developer to request a feature or report a bug here, or mail him here [email protected]

Grab the app from here.