Wireless Technology Evolution

Wireless communication has undergone a tremendous change in the recent years. Before we fully appreciate its value in our time, it is also worthwhile to trace back, doing a trip down memory lane in order to see the complete evolution of wireless technology.



1G, or the first generation of this type of wireless technology is described as the analog technology. In this scenario, signals are being modulated into higher frequency in order to transmit communication signal from a specific mobile gadget to a different one through a base station. In line with this, there are various communication standards that were established in order to facilitate the regulatory standards that need to be maintained to keep quality of signal.

It can be said that the golden era in wireless mobile technology began in the early 80’s. GSM (General System for Mobile Communications) was launched and penetrated the market. Then, the 2G, or 2nd generation of mobile technology surpassed the first one as it brought along tremendous milestones in modern technology. With this phase, long distance communications have become possible and accessible. Both telecom and cellular tool operators have greatly benefited from the demands of different mobile phone users.

With the GSM technology, voice calls, short messages are being exchanged via a portable device. Modern technology dictates that the transfer of data is done in a very reliable and fast manner. This has, in turn, captured the attention of many potential users. Even though there is a corresponding cost for every message sent, for every minute spent on making calls, customers are willing to pay just to enjoy convenience at its best.

The Birth of Modern Technology

Further studies have eventually made it possible for the pioneers in the mobile communication industry to finally reach agreement on various technological conditions. This has resulted to the birth of data and internet connectivity. These days, more and more people are using the Internet, which runs through wireless communication, to do many things.

People can now shop online, watch their favorite series and dramas online, and communicate with their loved ones online with access to their mobile phones and gadgets. Even doing things that they love in the real world is now possible online. For example, gambling is no longer just restricted to playing in a real environment. Online gambling sites like Lotteryplanet holding brands such as EuroJackpot allow fanatics to enjoy playing without the need to go out the comfort of their home. These are just among the many things that is being offered by mobile technology.

Speaking of mobile, all these things are no longer just accessed through computers. As a matter of fact, the existence of tablets, and other gadgets have allowed more and more people to be active in mobile and online communication ever than before. This allows them to bridge the gap which was generally caused by distance. Families and relationships greatly benefit from this setup as produced by the existence of mobile solutions and modern technology.