A How to Guide: Port Symbian Anna on N8 using Phoenix

Hey guys, if you have read my previous post on the review of Leaked Symbian Anna on N8, and any geek out there has a temptation to do the same with his N8, here is a how to do guide for it:-

Step 1. Backing up your phone data

Porting has always been a risky thing, and mostly it deletes all the data on ROM and user memory. So first of all take the backup of your phone using Ovi Suite or any other mode you feel Convenient to.

Step 2. Get ready for any Failure

There are times when you don’t follow the prescribed procedure, or there is some other kind of problem during the porting of your phone, in that case you need to revert back to your original firmware. Or there is a chance that you don’t like the functionality of the leaked FW and you want to revert back to your original one. For doing this, you will be needing the original firmware files for your N8. For that first all, you need to know the Version, Product Code and Type of your N8. So, dial *#0000# and take the note of all three as shown in the screenshot below:-

First of all download Navifirm from here and install it. After installing it open it and you will get the following screen

Now here select your phone in the first column, select the version in second, your variant (using the product code and country), select all files and then hit download from FiRe, and download it to your desired location, depending upon your connection it may take hours to do so, but its necessary.

Step 3. Downloading and installing Phoenix 2010

Now download Phoenix 2010 from here and install it to your computer. A word of caution is that you should disable your antivirus to complete and flawless installation of Phoenix 2010.

Step 4. Downloading the Leaked Anna Firmware

Now download the leaked Anna firmware from here. After downloading, unrar the folder and copy the file to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596. This step is very important and you might need to create RM-596 if it doesn’t exist and it may vary for some and can be certain from type received as detailed in Step. 1.

Step 5. Porting the N8 ( The real thing)

Now Switch off your phone, remove the sim and restart it in offline mode. Open Phoenix Software and connect your phone, choose Ovi Suite Mode and wait till all the installations end.

After the installation of necessary drivers, click on file and then Scan Product

Now After Clicking on Scan Product, have a look on the bottom pane, numbered as 1,2 and 3 in the following screenshot. Wait until 1 turns to Ready and 2. start showing your phone models, and the red button numbered as 3 stop blinking.

Now click on Flashing and Firmware Update

Now in the product tab click on browse (i.e. the tab with three dots …) and you will get the following screen, with a chinese variant of the firmware click on it and click ok.

Now clicking on the next window gives you the following screen

And now friends here you get two options :-

a. Restore User Product:- I used this option, the benefit of using this option was that all the contacts, applications, web history, messages and mail boxes remain intact. All the Applications worked after porting. This may not be the case with some of you.

b. Refurbish :- It will delete all the data on your phone memory and some of the applications installed in the mass memory may not work for you. But if you get problem after doing the Restore User Product, you will have to use it.

After Clicking the desired option wait for the process to complete, it will show completion on the screen and your phone will restart and you are done.

Step 6. Getting Ready

Since its a Chinese leaked version, When i started the phone, the whole menu was in chinese. So first of all presuming yes/ok as an option, click on left sides. And once you reach the home screen.

Click on menu> Then Click on Setting > Choose third option>Again Choose third option> Choose the first option> You will see english, click it and tap on the left side to confirm, phone will restart. and you will get everything in english 🙂

Step 7. Recovering the Old Firmware

Though Step 7 is not to be followed always, but still if some of you are not satisfied with the leaked Symbian Anna you can always revert back to your original Firmware. For that, you have to copy the files downloaded in Step 2 to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596 and follow Step 5. And you will get back your old Firmware. You will also need to this, once the Official Anna is Launched.

So, friends go ahead and let me know your experiences. If you want to read what is new in this leaked Symbian Anna, go here. My twitter handle is @uditvashisht or you can also mail me at [email protected]