Ain’t Nothing Called Tango. It’s Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh, Instead

Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh

The entire blogosphere, every geek who knew about Windows Phone 7.5 Mango had this thing about the next update to the OS – that it’d be called Tango, and that it would be a relatively minor update. But here’s the spoiler – it will be rather called Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh, and Tango is just a codename. I’m sorta relieved, after reading all those jokes about the names of the future updates.

Stefania Duico, lead of Windows Phone Italy, revealed this, to Windows Phone Italy. I recollect reading this somewhere else too, when all the Tango rumors started. Again, if you’re getting excited about the update, then there won’t be much joy, because –

  1. It is a minor update
  2. It is aimed at lowering the specs of Windows Phones, helping MS and other Windows Phone OEMs to tackle better with Android, in the lower range and the lower mid-range.

Nokia Lumia 610 is one of the first Windows Phones to come with this version. Other Mango devices will get this update as well, meaning it will also fix some bugs and a few improvements here and there.