“Apollo+” Update To Windows Phone 8 Will Add Features Which Missed The Train

Windows Phone 8 Apollo+ update

Remember how there were talks about Microsoft rushing the Windows Phone 8 software, and some of the important features being skipped so as to ship the shiny new version to the OEMs for their Windows Phone 8 devices. Nokia insiders also tell that Microsoft gave them the new version of Windows Phone just “days” before the company’s devices went on sale on AT&T in the US. Yes, they were in a race against time, and skipped on a few features to meet the deadline.

Rumours have now surfaced that the guys in Redmond are planning on a “Apollo+” update, which will bring some of those features to the OS. Apollo, by the way, is the codename of Windows Phone 8, hence the update carrying the Apollo tag as well.

Among the features to be added will be VPN support, and Wi-Fi connection “fix” – fix for the connection being cut off when you lock the phone. There will be a few audio improvements as well.