App Review: Quickoffice Premier 6 For Symbian S60

I wonder what took me so long to write a review for an app that I like a lot. Quickoffice is what I’m talking about. If you don’t know yet, Quickoffice is a collection of 3 simple, yet powerful (and highly useful) applications.

You can create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations without having to start your PC. All the documents created are compatible with Microsoft Office (starting with MS Office 97!).

There are three apps – Quickword, Quicksheet and Quickpoint.


With Quickword, you can create MS Word compatible documents.

It’s quite easy to create a document like the one above. Just type in the text you want, highlight it, go to Options -> Format and select the appropriate option.

If you want to have Bulleted points, you’ll have to select it from Options -> Insert -> Bullets first. You can even insert images if you want.

As you can see, you can save the files in .doc, .docx, .docm and .txt formats.

Tip: If you have a .docx file that you may want to convert to .doc format, open it with Quickoffice, go into Edit mode, from Options, select ‘Save As’ and select the appropriate file extension you want. Quick and easy. Do the reverse if you want to go from .doc to .docx


Lets you create Excel spreadsheets right on your mobile.

Select the appropriate cell you want, type in the text (it is shown in a bar just above the Options button) and press the D-pad (or ‘Enter’ button, on Qwerty devices).

Tip: Use “ctrl+→” or “ctrl+←” to jump 6 columns on the either side. Press “ctrl+↑” or “ctrl+↓” to jump 10 rows up or down.

There are ‘Operators’ thrown in as well. Just select the appropriate cell, go to Options -> Operators and select the one you need. Enter the desired value and select ‘Ok’. The result will show up in the particular cell. Again, simple.

You can even add references to a particular cell. Select the cell, hit up Options ->Insert Reference

And you can save your Spreadsheet in any of the three formats below.



The last tool of the Quickoffice Suite, Quickpoint, can be used to create Powerpoint presentations.

Add titles, text, tables, bullet points, images and sound clips etc. It’s as easy as selecting a file (in case of images and sound clips) from your device’s memory or memory card and selecting the appropriate position.

And multiple slides too..

I created the one below, for example

Quickoffice Premier 6.x comes inbuilt with Nokia’s Eseries devices and the latest Symbians, N8, E7 etc (costs ~$15 if you need to buy). Meaning, you can create, edit and view existing and new documents, on the go, for free. Yes. For Android devices, it costs ~$15. At the moment, for webOS devices, the ‘View only’ version is supported, with plans to add editing support in the future.

It is a must have if you need to play around with documents on the go. Perfect balance between power and usability.