Apple’s Patents Cannot Be An Excuse For Samsung To Not Design Beautiful Devices

I’ve been reading a lot of opinions from people who have tried the Samsung Galaxy S3. 99% of them just hate it outright. Some people like it. I like the front of the device, for one. The back is fugly, though. Again, I’ve only seen the device in pictures, as of now. But I’ve also seen other devices, and they look better from every angle.


Now, some of them are arguing that Samsung couldn’t design a better device because of the fear of Apple suing them for infringing on their patents. Sure, Apple’s patents, in this case, may be ridiculous. But there are tons of other OEMs out there, who are designing phones which look 1000 times better than the iPhone 4S (frankly, it looks way too bland).

Take the Sony Xperia S…



…or the HTC One X…

one x

…or the Nokia Lumia 800/900 and the N9 for example.

lumia 900

Heck, even the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S looked great. So much so, I wanted to gift it to my friend. She’d have loved it. All these phones I mentioned above, they all look stunning, and when I held them in my hand, they had that premium feel.

Samsung, on the other hand, keeps coming up with badly designed phones, and here, over at Android Police, Ron Amadeo explained why he thinks the Galaxy S3 was made by lawyers, and not the designers themselves. I disagree with him.

Why? Because all the phones and OEMs I mentioned above, they keep coming up with phones with great industrial design. And at the same time, they look a lot better than the iPhone 4S (or in general, the iPhone), thereby not infringing upon Apple’s (even though ridiculous) patents. So what happens? Nothing. Apple doesn’t sue them.

Ron’s argument there is that Samsung is not designing phones keeping the design in mind. It is designing phones keeping in mind how to not make its phones look like the iPhones. Now, I find this piece of core argument hilarious – Samsung ends up with ugly phones, and it’s because they don’t want to copy the iPhone? Sure. Very good of you, Samsung. But the other OEMs, they don’t infringe upon Apple’s patents, yet they come up with great designs.

Does it mean that Samsung can only design good looking phones if it’s allowed to infringe on Apple’s patents and make its devices look like the iPhone?

It’s hilarious. And blaming Apple for the bad designs that Samsung comes up with is… childish, in very polite terms.

Samsung is responsible for what it comes up with. Passing the blame on Apple and its patents is in no way logical, nor is it meaningful. If you need help deciding, look at the Lumia 900/800, the Xperia S, the One X, the..