Appomendations #2 – S60v3 Goodness!

We’re back with our Appomendations, this time taking a look at the neglected S60v3. To be honest, Symbian vroomed to success because of S60v3. This is perhaps the most stable version to date and powers all the Eseries devices barring E7. Take a bow Developers, you’re playing the perfect spoilsport by ignoring it. Anyways, we take a look at another 6 apps that you should test over the week. Lets get down and take a look at those


1. Nokia Messaging for Email

There was once a time when I had to go update all my mailboxes from time-to-time to check if any new mail has arrived. This was the pull-mail technique, not very good but yes, atleast one could view new mails on their phones.


Push-mail has in a way revolutionized the way I use my mobile now. Arrival of Nokia Messaging for Email meant lesser and lesser time spent on my Desktop PC and more with my smartphone. The fact that I’ve been using this app solely should convey that it is very good. New mails are pushed within seconds after they arrive in my mailbox. I can have a quick look at the mail’ subject right on my homescreen, saving me a few clicks and time. This is our App for the week. In simple words, it beats competition hands down.

Price – Free
Download from Ovi Store

2. LCG Profimal

An alternative to NM for Email, this app sounds good. LCG boast of some really good titles like Jukebox, Xplore, Smartmovie. So expecting Profimail to be good isn’t asking for much.





The mails are shown as-is, and that’s the best part of it. However, setting up a mailbox isn’t as easy as in NM for Email. You have to manually enter settings everytime you decide to add a new mailbox, save for Gmail. It is not really friendly, seriously. Plus, if your mailbox has a lot of mails, you may get ‘Disk Full’ messages. It’s worth a try atleast.

Price – $29.95, Free Trial for 30 days
Download from Ovi Store Or Here

3. Flipfont




Bored of that font style on your phone? Want to try some other style? Well, there’s an app for that and it is Flipfont. The name’s obvious enough. I simply love the font on Samsung’s Corby Series – they’re fun and look young. After some research, I found this on the Ovi Store. You get 3 days of free trial to see what you like. After that, you need to pay per font. I’ve been using it for a long time now. Adpro according to me is most legible and you’ll like it in the long run.

Price – Free Trial for 3 days, then pay per font.
Download from the Ovi Store.

4. vHome


Last week, we discussed about customising your S^3 homescreen.





Obviously S60v3 users would have been disappointed looking at the quality of both the apps. We have something this time around for those guys – vHome. But you’re warned to not expect the excellence of SPB Mobile Shell. The screens simply are pretty small. We’ll discuss about this in detail in future review and comparing it with another Homescreen app for S60v3, so we’ll leave you this time with some screenshots. But it is definitely worth a try.

Price – Free
Download from the Ovi Store

5. EA Cricket 10





EA Games has been releasing a whole bunch of premium games for free for quite some time now. Another premium game gone free is Cricket 10. The name says it all. There are different game modes. I like the EA World Cup mode. You play, well, in a world cup format. You can select to Bat or Bowl, too. I wont elaborate much, but the game is good for sure. Give it a try, i’m sure you’ll be hooked for some time.

Price – Free
Download it from the Ovi Store

6. Tetris




I still have that old Black and White handheld Video Game that I sometimes take with me during train journeys. Some racing games, pinball and Tetris is all that I play, but I get totally engrossed. So, it was logical that a Tetris game for your phone would be available sooner than later on the Store. Its all basic and that’s the best part of it. I seriously love this game. Go download it now!

Price – Free
Download from the Ovi Store

That’s some S60v3 goodness for you. Hope you liked it. You can always drop by to ask us to add an app that you think should have figured here. Stay Hooked!

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