Appomendations #3 – Get out, Get going!

This time around, I come up with a list of apps that will increase your productivity and you can get going on the go! I’m sure you’ll like them, with Dawn of the Fly thrown in for some fun. So don’t waste time, get there, get going!

1. Opera Mini 5.1 Beta


They are fast. They are efficient. They are nothing short of an Opera. Termed as the world’s most favorite browser (on mobiles), Opera Mini has always been a poor cousin of Opera Mobile. But now with the latest Beta version it has gone native (it was in Java earlier). This has had a significant effect on the speed and start-up time of the browser, increasing the overall efficiency. Must have.

Price – Free
Download from here or from the Ovi Store

2. Trill


No this ain’t a ring tone. It is a Twitter client. I don’t know what makes developers develop an application when there’s a killer app (read: Gravity) already. But then it’s always good to have competition. The app reminded me of Tweets60, but it’s a bit slower. However the fact that its free helped it to its way in the list. Take a look fellas, it’s not bad, and yes it deserves more than just a download before you give your verdict.



Price – Free
Download from Ovi Store

3. X-plore



Want to have an app that can let you browse different directories of your smart phone? Want an app that can let you extract files (.zip, .rar)? X-plore has it all. It can do it all. It does it all very nicely too. Basic, neat, no-fuss interface is very helpful too. It comes at $9.99, but you can have the free version with a 3-second start-up screen with full functionality.


Price – free or Pay $9.99 and get rid of the start-up screen
Download from here

4. Free-isms


Now this is one of the best applications that I’ve come across after Gravity. I’d have loved to have a detailed review here, but that will come up sometime later. So what is Free-isms? It is a utility that shows your SMSs in conversational style (yay!!). Highly iPhone-inspired, this app stands out from the rest because of it’s good interface engine which has been vastly improved now with the 1.10 version. Available for free, this app should make it to the Ovi Store (it will be a blockbuster hit, @ovibynokia). You just need to register with your email address and password and you’re ready to go.


Price – Free
Download here

5. Dawn of the Fly


A game with it’s main objective to eat flies (the green ones, not the red), it is addictive, and one of the most simple games that you’ll ever find. Available for free from the Ovi Store, it’s developers Barking Seed have done good to keep it simple.


Price – Free
Download from the Ovi Store

6. Shazam


Don’t know what’s playing at the pub but you like it so much that you want to listen to it later? Enter Shazam, a music recognition software that works well beyond expectations, this is a must have app for music lovers and others alike. I threw two oldies which weren’t very popular at it, and Eureka! It recognized! Mighty impressed. Go geddit now!!



Price – Free
Download from the Ovi Store

Let us know if you want an app to be covered. We’ll feature you right here! Rush! Stay Hooked!!

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