Appomendations #4 – The Must Haves!

Like always, we’re back with some more cool stuff for your smartphone, this time with a list of must-haves. Also, today Appomendations gets a Month Older!! Thanks to all the readers, but we want to start a conversation – you could tell us how we could improve, ask us to feature your favorite app, if it’s not yet here and much more! Get in touch!

1. Wordmobi


Have a WordPress blog? Want to blog on the go? And oh, you don’t have an Android or iPhone or latest Symbian? Unfortunately, WordPress for Nokia is supported only for S^1 and S^3 devices. In such a scenario, Wordmobi comes to the rescue. You can have multiple accounts, upload pics, add link, codes etc in a easy-to-use app. However, it requires Python 2.0.0 and Python Runtime. You can view blog stats too. Perfect for people having S60 v3 FP1 or FP2.




Price – Free
Download Python 2.0.0 , Python Runtime and Wordmobi

2. Best Taskman

Symbian has a Task Manager for sure. But you cannot view how much of RAM is used, so that you can close apps accordingly. Best Taskman comes to the rescue here. Using this Task Manager, you can close or even kill apps, view processes (even hidden) and view RAM usage and Free Memory too.



Price – €2
Download from the Ovi Store

3. Zensis Photorite


Probably you may not have a Photo Editor in your phone. And you may want to edit photos on the mobile itself. After a lot of digging, i found Photorite, a product of Zensis, which allows some basic editing like rotating photos, fixing the lighting, mirror’ing ’em and other stuff. It is ok, but since something is better than nothing, it’s a must have.



Price – €3
Download from the Ovi Store

4. MTranslate


Don’t know what the other person is uttering? Different language? Well, MTranslate is here. And the best part is, it can translate in upto 35 popular languages. All you’ll need is a data connection (minimal is just enough) and off you go!



Price – Free
Download from the Ovi Store

5. SPB Weather


Another utility app from SPB, this app lets you check weather of cities of your choice for 5 days in advance. You can even view humidity, wind speed and schedule update intervals. Pretty good for people who travel a lot.



Price – €15
Download from the Ovi Store

6. Prince Of Persia


We always try to include a game or two in the list. They help us to relax. And what better than Prince Of Persia himself. A master game by Gameloft, you’ll never get bored of it (atleast I don’t). Kill enemies and save the Kingdom; how Royal. Now don’t think much, get it now!


Price – €3 (when i got it, it was free)
Download it from the Ovi Store

So how do you like them? Tried any of these? Let us know, we like to get in touch with you guys. That encourages us as well! Stay Hooked!

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