Appomendations #5 – Do you have these?

Symbian users can do a lot more with their smartphones, a lot more if you’d know how to. There’s a whole world of apps out there, apart from the ones in the Ovi Store. You just need to go out and figure it out for yourself. It’s like an experience in itself. Here we compile a list of apps that you may not have (or you may). Take a look, lets know how they are. We’re as eager as you are!

1. WhatsApp




For the ones who visit your (yes, it’s all for you guys :)) blog, we had already reviewed WhatsApp before. A nice li’l app that lets you chat with other WhatsApp users in your phonebook, it is fast, it is smart, and oh it really works! The Symbian version isn’t upto it’s iPhone and Android counterparts as of now – you cant share images/videos/tones and location, but from what I know, it is gonna get it just before the year ends! (Beta Tests). Works really fast and is worth it.

Price – Free 1 year trial, then $1.99/year charge

Download from Ovi Store or from here

2. Mobireader




Want to read eBooks on your phone? Certainly you would. So do I. And browsing through the web, I found this wonderful app called Mobireader. You can download and read eBooks right on your smartphone. And the best part, the app is free. And there are loads of free eBooks out there. has a great repository of some high quality stuff. Encyclopedia on the phone, anyone?

Price – Free
Download from here

3. Merriam-Webster Dictionary




This is one dictionary that has a very good database. I never quite liked Nokia’s Dictionary – the database isn’t very good, lacks many, many oft-used words. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed with this one, I’ve not been.

Price – $29.95
Download from here

4. GreenCharging



Ever wondered how much you contribute to global warming when you leave your phone on charge throughout the night? GreenCharging will let you know the duration since when you are adding to global warming. And there are many tips that may come handy to save electricity. Best of all, the app is free.

Price – Free
Download from the Ovi Store

5. Supershot


Want to take a snapshot of your screen? You have Supershot for the task. A very very handy li’l utility this, Supershot just works.

Price – Free
Download from here

6. ngPay



This app is specific to Indians. It basically lets you pay your utility bills, book movie tickets, view your Bank account balance, shop and a lot more. Must have for people on the go.

Price – Free
Download from here

That’s it. And Oh yes, we have a giveaway of 5 licenses of a very popular game coming up plus a big announcement. So Stay Hooked!

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